To update. But had a lot different things going on so! Have been in Norway and sell ski, ski some powder and so on!

And going to Oppdal tomorrow and pick up some skis and skiing a little bit!!!

A free day….

which ended in a mass job instead. I would be so free and ride  much as skiing. But ended up getting to be the guy who would unload on skis in the helicopter that would take up all the heli-skiing. So it was eight hours in the sun! It’s ok too!

A lot of

skis I got yesterday. So we drove a small ski test last night on Funäsberget! Will make more statement of the skis shortly. Must go a bit more on skis first!

Moment Skis Sverige

is on Facebook now! Just search for it!

Bibby 196

Is in the house!! Looking nice and behave nice in the slopes! Looking for some pow now!!

Bibby 196 cm 150-116-123 23 m radius…

Bibby 196 Full Ski!

Bibby 196 Full Ski!

Pintail O´yeah!

Pintail O´yeah!

Nice long tiprocker!

Nice long tiprocker!

Small tail rocker..

Small tail rocker..


end of the season soon. Just two months away. And I can not wait to surf!

Right now it’s week 9 here so we are busy because people from Stockholm who is here but it’s great that it happens a bit!

It is ready…

My new cover up Tattoo:

The Mean Girl

The Mean Girl

Cover up…

I start to do a cover on my old tattos yesterday. Here how is looking right now:


After first 3 hours.. Just 3 more to go...

I get a new…

snowboard for a couple weeks ago. A smokin snowboards KT-22. The funny thing is that they work with Torque. And located on the same street even.

Very funny and nice board! And so gorgeous!

First impressions

I have tested my new skis for two days now. Yesterday at night skiing on the slopes and then I say just world class on these skis! Could drive as fast as you like and the more I pushed the more they responded.

So after the impression I had my suspicions how they would work in the woods in Ramundberget. And sure enough. As long as there was open space between the trees as it went fast, stable and good. But as soon as it became tight, it was not nearly as fun to go on. Then it felt as they traveled with me and not me with the.

Then we have gone away and played in lots of small jumps, rocks and cliffs. And there it was just to jump and land it! No problem though it felt quite soft in the tip and tail.

As long as it is a good ski! Can´t wait to test it on the open space! I hope for some heliskiing soon so!