Working out

a lot now. Bicycles as much as I can. Will try to get in really good shape for the winter and of course for the autumn surf! And my kondtion was equal to zero but getting better all the time now. Have improved considerably in recent weeks when compared to earlier times at least.

So now I’m going out and ride 25 km.

Besides, I have exciting plans underway for the winter. Can be one of the best winters in many years if everything goes as it should!

Iron Maiden

and good friends in Gothenburg this weekend! Come over on Thursday for hanging out with some friends.

Yesterday we hang out and drinking and go and see Iron Maiden. So pretty tired today. Going back home tonight and gone surf tomorrow I hope.

I hope

it comes wind now. Probably it gone be wind tomorrow and the day after that because i will go for a concert in Göteborg on Friday night.

But i hope it gone be wind hole weekend. I really wanna test my new kites from Switch Kites. I just get a 12 m Nitro and a 9 m Methood.

So let the wind be with use now!

No Wind, No waves.

so what to do? Take a trip on my roadbicycle off course and try to get some training!


Here is my small racer:


It not the most expensive bike but not the cheapest either. It is a good bike for me!

Best day!

So far this year! Had two really good session in Hanstholm. In the first there were not so many people and I enjoyed surfing Middels.

In my second session I was up and surfed pretty close to the ”wave”machine and catched some pretty nice waves! Some sets were almost 2 meters and really clean so that was nice!

And really love my new Switchkites!!!

Now time for bed and I hope it is going to be a nice surfday tomorrow too!

So now

is it up and running again!

Have a good time yesterday in Copenhagen and Foo Fighters! And know we just relaxing and hanging out!

Gone go back home to Klitmøller tomorrow for some surf i hope and then really good waves on Friday i hope!


with the site.. I will try to do a new soon…


Hanging out

in Denmark and do some kitesurfing and surfing right know.

Had some good days so far but looks like this week gone rock! A lot of wind in a lot of day so it gone be good waves i hope both for kite and for wavesurfing!

Now i will go and do some kitesurfing…


Over and out!

Really bad…

Have i been to do some new posts in her but now is it summer and I hope I gone be better! Right know I’m in Denmark and working, surf a lot and just hanging out with my buddies!

Working and skiing

Right know it spring time here in Funäsdalen! Yesterday it was really warm and nice and i was sad to work but sometimes it life a bitch!


But i just gone work today and tomorrow then pack my car again and go to Åre for try to sell some ski for a shop there.

Gone be nice to hang out with some friends in Åre i didn´t have seen in long time.


Now back to work!