Have had

An awesome weekend. Lot of good waves, almost no wind and nice party!

It was the Surf joint on Saturday and the day was both wave surfing contest and SUP-contest. We ran a Master Class in SUP and we got together seven participants in that so it was really fun!

The waves were really steep and beautiful and with a lot of pushed in. Jesper Fjerskov was clearly the Master of the Masters.

After it was run a Open Class and there it was so clear Casper Steinfath who won just for the little brother Peter.

In the wavecompetion it was Mother who dominated in the Open class and with Peter, who finished second.

In the evening there was a big celebration that was both long, wet and nice!

Sunday, woke up and it was immediately told that Bunker went off with big nice clean waves. So it was just to jump in and out of the wetsuit and surf.

Bunkers really is an awesome spot! And like always we are not secret about or surfspots! It always nice to see people on the water and be stoked about it! It not at all like in Sweden there people even say they will do that or that if you tell somebody about that spot!

On Monday, the wind dropped forward at 20 so then it was just to jump into the wetsuit again and out of Bunker and run some more surfing! Not as good as the day before but completely oki anyway!


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