Still cold like hell!

Hoping for warmer weather today as it was only -16 yesterday. But woke up and it was -26 so it was just coming up with a backup plan for the day.

I ended up went to the store and got a bit of skiing before the ski test weekend in Åre. Must be nice to get there and meet lots of old friends and maybe one or two beers will be absolute.


Is the ski testing weekend now. Is -15 degrees right now so it’s pretty cool! And tomorrow, it gets colder. Not so fun but so is life as a ski salesman apparently. Was out and skiing a bit on Ruby today and had an amazing experience from the ski! Now some rest then food and possibly a small party …


today in Hamra. Tested the new skis that I had not tried before. Surprised that the fat one worked so well on the ice as it was today. Then came Tom-Oliver and Jonas so then it became a little jib. Sick fun! And may be more later in the season. Or will be much more!

Now, that’s some food then down and get some more skiing and possibly machinery then sleep for tomorrow!

I just get some

New fresh stuff from Plasma! Thx Robert for sending me the nice clothes! I gone be beautiful in the shop when i working this winter!

I´m proud

of my self today. It is release for Free Radicals in Stockholm tonight and i´m not there! Because i always going in Gothenburg and gone be there next week instead.

And i gone be on Sequence Film and Fotofestival in Falun instead. It feels better to support the new guys there! And it is more locals there to!

First day…

on snow was yesterday! Is was not epic but i was oki! But i can wait for more snow before i go next time! I´m pretty sure about that! Next time should be around 20 Nov and try all new skis we gone have in test this winter.

Skiseason is so close now.

And I will go skiing on Saturday or Sunday! It will be sick nice and fun. Will go with Robert and Henry two old friends from Borlänge.

The question is where we are going. Sälen, Funäsdalen, Vemdalen? Many options are available now!

But let the season start now!

Moment in

Stockholm from Friday i hope. I was passing by Alpint really quick today and sold some Moment Skis to them. So if someone will see the skis and feel them so is it Alpint you should go to.

I can tell you

at im gone be in Funäsdalen this winter and not in Andermatt, Switzerland. I get a good offer from and my old friend Fredrik Norberg. And this offer pass perfect in for my new work with Moment Skis in Sweden and Norway. I can be free when i need for some sales-meeting, ISPO (important) and skitest in Sweden and Norway.

I was talking with Snowlimit in Andermatt yesterday and Adrian understand that i will take this opportunity with Momentskis in Sweden so that was super good!

So all i need now is some apartment in Funäsdalen.

A small

articel about the skis this winter:

Now i gone go and surf! Looks like nice waves and then is it sunny outside so that is nice!

Moment Skis in Sweden and Norway..

I gone be sales responsibly for Moment Skis in Sweden and Norway. I was in Sweden for some weeks ago and meet the guys from there. And they got some skis in the shop for sale from middle of Oct.

Looking forward to try to get in to the market in Sweden and Norway with this skis! It gone be awesome i think!

And we gone have a test-center in Funäsdalen this winter in cooperation with Sportmaffian.

Now i gone go and drink some beer and look at the band in the party tent here!