Been sick bad at updating this page for a while. Will try to get better at it.

So what has happened then?

Made F16 √
Lost a kite board on the same day √
Crashed the car the day after √
Destroyed my phone yesterday √
And had surfed one of the best waves so far √
Bought new car √
Been in Funäsdalen 40-year celebration √
Talk about jobs for the winter √
Become ski hungry √
Seen Peter got sick a lot of beating in Vorupør into surfing √

And now I charge for tomorrow today kitesurfing. And then on Saturday’s Down-wind race in Hvide Sande.

More surf

and some new things happening!

Have a race board right now as I try to run a lot on! Sick fun! And hard, and damn good workout! Can understand that this is going to become an Olympic sport. Thought I was fit for kite surfing but I know that you were not after 30 min of the race board! Total out of other muscles not normally use when surfing.

Now I’m hoping for a good day but good waves soon! Would be nice!

And hope that all plans will go through in 3 weeks! So when winter’s plans would be ready.

Now is the time to look for more waves!

Working out

a lot now. Bicycles as much as I can. Will try to get in really good shape for the winter and of course for the autumn surf! And my kondtion was equal to zero but getting better all the time now. Have improved considerably in recent weeks when compared to earlier times at least.

So now I’m going out and ride 25 km.

Besides, I have exciting plans underway for the winter. Can be one of the best winters in many years if everything goes as it should!

So now

is it up and running again!

Have a good time yesterday in Copenhagen and Foo Fighters! And know we just relaxing and hanging out!

Gone go back home to Klitmøller tomorrow for some surf i hope and then really good waves on Friday i hope!

A lot of

skis I got yesterday. So we drove a small ski test last night on Funäsberget! Will make more statement of the skis shortly. Must go a bit more on skis first!

Bibby 196

Is in the house!! Looking nice and behave nice in the slopes! Looking for some pow now!!

Bibby 196 cm 150-116-123 23 m radius…

Bibby 196 Full Ski!

Bibby 196 Full Ski!

Pintail O´yeah!

Pintail O´yeah!

Nice long tiprocker!

Nice long tiprocker!

Small tail rocker..

Small tail rocker..

I get a new…

snowboard for a couple weeks ago. A smokin snowboards KT-22. The funny thing is that they work with Torque. And located on the same street even.

Very funny and nice board! And so gorgeous!

First impressions

I have tested my new skis for two days now. Yesterday at night skiing on the slopes and then I say just world class on these skis! Could drive as fast as you like and the more I pushed the more they responded.

So after the impression I had my suspicions how they would work in the woods in Ramundberget. And sure enough. As long as there was open space between the trees as it went fast, stable and good. But as soon as it became tight, it was not nearly as fun to go on. Then it felt as they traveled with me and not me with the.

Then we have gone away and played in lots of small jumps, rocks and cliffs. And there it was just to jump and land it! No problem though it felt quite soft in the tip and tail.

As long as it is a good ski! Can´t wait to test it on the open space! I hope for some heliskiing soon so!

New nice skis!!

So here is the new nice ski I got home with from ISPO. They gonna be me new touringskis I hope. Going to try if my skins fit them tonight. Then choose bindning for them. Marker F12 or Dynafit or G3?? I don´t know..

Hell Week!!!

Is over… Been on ISPO before but now was it the full show! And that means some beers(a lot of free beers), some alcohol and much more. And then off course some working for both Moment Ski and Sportmaffian.

After ISPO should we go and skiing somewhere but it was sun every where and no Powder so was ending up in my old home place Andermatt. And get on to a really party mood instead!

Get some nice stuf down in ISPO but gone put them up later instead!

Now train to Östersund then car home and start working tomorrow 9.00!!!!

Down to ISPO and then??

Yes that is the question?Go to the ISPO tomorrow to start building the stand for the ISPO on Sunday.Then after that I go to ski powder.But where the hell is the snow is the question?If you check the weather forecast it looks like no snow at all in the Alps, unfortunately.

So it could be an interesting anticipation and perhaps hoping for sunshine and good weather instead!

Hi hope rubber dick!

Nice topsheet…

from Moment…

Good Day!!

today. Was out and went snowboarding in the morning in Ramundberget. And was so so fun! Think it is a fresh start for the rest of the season.

After it was time to go home and get some rest before the night skiing ..

Drove piste skiing tonight and was so sick fun of them! Then came my good friends Christopher and Oscar up and checked on skicross run for Saturday’s contest!

And I was really so eager to be involved in the … Now let’s see if I can be in to it. Then we’ll see if I can get time off on Saturday.


part of the last few days. But now I go in to three days without work. Now I just go skiing and snowboarding for three days.

Will be nice. Must start with a lie-in tomorrow and then up and check out where to go.

The only thing you could wish for more is a little more snow. Though it will of course safe or later.

And so, hopefully my new snowboard this week if I’m lucky. It is a nice and fine Smokin KT-22!

Cold again!

Was up for some photoshooting today bit it was -23 this morning so we was waiting for the sun to heat up a little bit. But we was giving up around 13 when is still was -19.

Now coffe then some rest before some beer tonight!

Great skiing!

Had a great ski day today! Was out and skiing with my old friend Jon Wagenius and he´s boy Messner! And the young gun rock! He was skiing black slopes i powder with us! So fucking awesome!

I was skiing on Night Train i right element today. In powder! And i really rocks in the forest and even i did a 180 and a 360 with them today so it is a rock n´roll ski!


After long long waiting for some snow is was here today!! I jus put up some new pics in the place call Ski!! And one here so to:

Tomas Wahlström


Night Train

is so awesome! And night skiing on Funäsberget is also awesome! Drove both Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday I was up and tested the ski on the piste. And there were bad conditions. But it went beyond our expectations! Then I got great praise for Belafonte also from a friend today. Feels fun with all the positive feedback.


Photos from today… Just super quick by Lightroom…

Come home

For a while then after a fantastic night on the slopes. Where no people on the slopes, oki data and good company. Was not the last time it was night skiing. Good to Funäsberget will run two nights a week in winter!

Now I will rest for tomorrow which will be a long long day as it looks now … Photo Shooting with Anton, ski tests, Björnrike and then the fashion show in the evening.

So, good night!

Christmas is over…..

And the people how gone be here over New Year is on they way here. A lot of people if you compere to last week, but that is just funny and good for the village.. Now we just need some more snow! Or a lot of snow. Was out and skiing this morning! Was nice and good  up in Funäsberget! The directly down and work! Exactly like it should be!

I forgot

To write that I’ve got some new partners who supporting me with helmets, gloves and clothing.

I am proud to present:

Bern Helmets
Empire Gloves
West Beach Clothes

Otherwise, it is most jobs now before Christmas. But it does not matter because we are waiting for more snow. Or we need more snow. Otherwise, I have to be a park rat, and it does not feel right.

Now it’s time for some food and possibly go away and train. Longing for first tour in my country skiing.

Life is oki right…

Now… Some skiing. (oki remember to adjust the binding so you don´t lose the ski when you try to take some air.) And we have the shop open 7 days in week, gone get some snow tomorrow i hope. And i start to prepare for Christmas and New Year mentalt now. And to be a skier in the park instead for Big Mountain skier.

Back to life..

Just wake come back to life after a hard weekend in Åre. A lot of beer, party, good friends and ski test. I was out and drink some beer almost all days and nights. And i was super funny.

And the feeling i get was at the test was a succes again!

Now some sleep and then back to work tomorrow.

Over and out!