More powder!

Tomas in Powder!

Come home

For a while then after a fantastic night on the slopes. Where no people on the slopes, oki data and good company. Was not the last time it was night skiing. Good to Funäsberget will run two nights a week in winter!

Now I will rest for tomorrow which will be a long long day as it looks now … Photo Shooting with Anton, ski tests, Björnrike and then the fashion show in the evening.

So, good night!

Christmas is over…..

And the people how gone be here over New Year is on they way here. A lot of people if you compere to last week, but that is just funny and good for the village.. Now we just need some more snow! Or a lot of snow. Was out and skiing this morning! Was nice and good  up in Funäsberget! The directly down and work! Exactly like it should be!

Can i???

Stop working and move down to Swiss again?Just -32 this morning when i was going up. Not so funnie at all! But tomorrow i gone go home and have Christmas celebration home for first time for 5 or 6 years. It gone be nice i hope. But it is a long drive home in this cold weather. And that is not so funnie at all. And then back up on Saturday for some skiing and party maybe. I know it is some guy how gone celebrat his birthday on Eriksgården that day.

Over and out!

I forgot

To write that I’ve got some new partners who supporting me with helmets, gloves and clothing.

I am proud to present:

Bern Helmets
Empire Gloves
West Beach Clothes

Otherwise, it is most jobs now before Christmas. But it does not matter because we are waiting for more snow. Or we need more snow. Otherwise, I have to be a park rat, and it does not feel right.

Now it’s time for some food and possibly go away and train. Longing for first tour in my country skiing.

Life is oki right…

Now… Some skiing. (oki remember to adjust the binding so you don´t lose the ski when you try to take some air.) And we have the shop open 7 days in week, gone get some snow tomorrow i hope. And i start to prepare for Christmas and New Year mentalt now. And to be a skier in the park instead for Big Mountain skier.

Back to life..

Just wake come back to life after a hard weekend in Åre. A lot of beer, party, good friends and ski test. I was out and drink some beer almost all days and nights. And i was super funny.

And the feeling i get was at the test was a succes again!

Now some sleep and then back to work tomorrow.

Over and out!

And off to..

Åre…. I´m gone go to Åre today for this weekend with skitest again. Looking forward to the skitest and to meet a lot of friends i don´t have meet in long time.

Just hpe it not will be minus 20 or something like that so i freeze my ass offf :(

I think it gone be a lot off party going on to. Or i´m pretty sure about that…

Still cold like hell!

Hoping for warmer weather today as it was only -16 yesterday. But woke up and it was -26 so it was just coming up with a backup plan for the day.

I ended up went to the store and got a bit of skiing before the ski test weekend in Åre. Must be nice to get there and meet lots of old friends and maybe one or two beers will be absolute.


I’d been there this weekend but there is little snow, very cold and I have a cold so we decided in agreement that it is better to skip it.
So I stayed home this weekend. Do have a little kick-off at work so it’s better to be here then.

Hoping for some skiing next week and above all lots of snow then we do not have as much of that unfortunately ..

No time to go to work then.


After 12 hours work are we ready to open up the shop tomorrow! So now i gone sleep…

Good Night!

Back home…

In Funäsdalen for some days before i gone go to Hemsedal for Skitest this weekend again. Gone prepare the skis for this weekend and fix the shop for the opening tomorrow..

But my friends is going to Engelberg instead! That´s suck´s big time. It is a lot of snow there and lookings really nice out there!

First day

of the ski test was crazy cold but fun. Got really good feedback on the skis of those they tested.

And today it went on the same line. Lot of great response and feedback.

Real sick cold of course but hoping for a bit warmer tomorrow.

Now some beer and party!


Is the ski testing weekend now. Is -15 degrees right now so it’s pretty cool! And tomorrow, it gets colder. Not so fun but so is life as a ski salesman apparently. Was out and skiing a bit on Ruby today and had an amazing experience from the ski! Now some rest then food and possibly a small party …

Back in

Funäsdalen after many years. Last time I was here and was worked from 2002 to 2003. Then there was the Alps up to now. And what a change has been in the village where the little I saw today in the dark! Should be interesting to see the light tomorrow.

But it is sick cold! -24 Degrees right now. Do not think it will be skiing tomorrow if it’s so cold!

I just get some

New fresh stuff from Plasma! Thx Robert for sending me the nice clothes! I gone be beautiful in the shop when i working this winter!

Swiss Baby Swiss!

is such a nice country. And I like the great contrasts. From +19 in Lucerne goes to -2, and lots of snow in other places that are quite close. Love oxå Lucerne as a city. Lives with Adrian and has been around a bit, picked up the cross-country skis, giant slalom skis and some other loose. Tonight I’m going to go back to Gothenburg and then further up in Sweden tomorrow in the day. Then to finish everything for the winter!

On Friday starts my winter season …


on the train on the way to Gothenburg for some meetings and party tomorrow. And the Swiss on Saturday to Monday. And then back home for get ready for Funäsdalen. So stoked for the winter in Sweden now! And now is it time for a beer!


A lot of stress…

Or something similar is what I’ve had today. Tried to fix my car with the help of little brother. And it did not work. Picked up some new Goggels from Oakley. Super Stoked about theme. Must post a picture of one of these soon. Booked trip to Gothenburg and Free Radicals on Thursday and then a trip to Switzerland on Saturday until Monday. Sweet!

Prepares for Swiss…

Or looking for cheap flights back and forth so I can drive down the download a few things that are there and I need in winter. My plan is to go down after Friday’s feast and come back on Monday or Tuesday then home and prepare for Funäs on Saturday, November 20.

A lot of shit…

Is it home in my mam´s place! Two big garbage bags with clothes and one garbage bag with lot of other shit like old snowboardshoes, skiboots, flip-flops and stuff like. Feels good to get rid of all the crap that has been accumulated over a long period

In Borlänge…

Have been home in Borlänge for a visit on the hospital for check up my knee and that result was not so funny or good.

The Doctor say probably my ACL is broken. I had a big space between my knee and thigh-bone and i must train and maybe make a new operation soon.

And that´s sucks big time!

Bye bye

Klitmøller and Denmark. Im going to Sweden today after be down for a meeting with Michael from about Momement.

It is the end

soon here. I just have two days left in Denmark. The home to Sweden for some days and after that we will see what happens. I think i gone go down to Swiss in end of October or start of November to pick up some stuff and skis.

I gone miss the really good surf and the nice dudes in Denmark but it is soon a new season here so that is oki!