Sooooo bad….

To upgrade my homepage the last year. But I will try to be better from now.

So what have happend?

Been in Sweden and work again. Was oki but miss the good skiing close to my work.

Ski some awesome powder in Swiss and in St. Anton! Really good days!

Been in ISPO and work with Moment Skis. Had some nice days there with the crew!

Did get into Vasaloppet in Crosscountry skiing. Bad or not? We will see.

Move back ”home” to Klitmøller. That feels really good!

Get a real work. Full time work for all year around. (maybe time for that in my age?) Like a waiter in Sallingsund. It’s a nice small restaurant with around 120 sits.

Get some new partners to work with in surfing, kite and ski.

So over and out for this time and see you soon again!



Bad luck the last weeks…. Get robbed, lost my phone. Bad surf and so on… Feels like shit…

But i have some nice things going on for the winter so that is pretty nice!

Gone write here when everything is ”onboard”!


Been sick bad at updating this page for a while. Will try to get better at it.

So what has happened then?

Made F16 √
Lost a kite board on the same day √
Crashed the car the day after √
Destroyed my phone yesterday √
And had surfed one of the best waves so far √
Bought new car √
Been in Funäsdalen 40-year celebration √
Talk about jobs for the winter √
Become ski hungry √
Seen Peter got sick a lot of beating in Vorupør into surfing √

And now I charge for tomorrow today kitesurfing. And then on Saturday’s Down-wind race in Hvide Sande.

Nice week

With a lot of wind! Surf almost everyday. Both kitesurf and wave surfing.

Was down in Hvide Sande on tuesday and get some really nice right hand waves! Super nice except I had a little bit to much power in my 7 m2 kite. Should had a smaller but didn’t have that right there.

On wed. I was in Hanstholm and had a super nice session how end up with a broken kite :( Not so funny at all but I hope I get it back on Monday so I’m ready for some waves again.

I need to sort something out to before the winter too. Need to take care about that next week…

Now some sleep before more surf tomorrow.

Last days so…

No wind but good waves, it was this weekend. So we took a little session with SUP in Klitmøller. Was a really nice session with a 1-meter waves with just enough ”push” in.

Then, as usual, no bloody wind this week when I really need wind.

Ran a 12-hour session with kite courses on Thursday and then I was down to Hvide Sande and had the course on Friday. And right now I have a lot of people waiting to join the course.

Was down and tested if it was enough wind yesterday but it was too little wind, unfortunately, but it was nice to run the race board and play around with it.

Now is the time to do something sensible.

Have had

An awesome weekend. Lot of good waves, almost no wind and nice party!

It was the Surf joint on Saturday and the day was both wave surfing contest and SUP-contest. We ran a Master Class in SUP and we got together seven participants in that so it was really fun!

The waves were really steep and beautiful and with a lot of pushed in. Jesper Fjerskov was clearly the Master of the Masters.

After it was run a Open Class and there it was so clear Casper Steinfath who won just for the little brother Peter.

In the wavecompetion it was Mother who dominated in the Open class and with Peter, who finished second.

In the evening there was a big celebration that was both long, wet and nice!

Sunday, woke up and it was immediately told that Bunker went off with big nice clean waves. So it was just to jump in and out of the wetsuit and surf.

Bunkers really is an awesome spot! And like always we are not secret about or surfspots! It always nice to see people on the water and be stoked about it! It not at all like in Sweden there people even say they will do that or that if you tell somebody about that spot!

On Monday, the wind dropped forward at 20 so then it was just to jump into the wetsuit again and out of Bunker and run some more surfing! Not as good as the day before but completely oki anyway!

Another great day

of surfing. Started with kite course with three really talented students. After six hours in the water with the three so it was time to check the waves in Agger.

And they were oki so it was just jump in and paddle a bit SUP. Had a nice session today as well. Now is the time before some sleep!

One of the best

days for this season so far. Would have kite course but it was sick bad wind so I decided that I could not have it and went down to Agger and paddled Stand Up Paddle instead. Come nice and big waves there and the wind was only 6 m / s and side shore so it was perfect! After three hours I was exhausted!

Got some really nice big waves and got some beating from the sea as well. But it was not the last time Agger received a visit from me anyway!

Lot of surfers out there too and they got a lot of good waves and they also got some really good waves!

Then I went to Krik-Vig and kite surfing for 4 hours so now it is quite so final as it is well time for bed now, I should think!


So much wind the other days but from wrong direction for the kitelessons!

And today they promise perfect wind and perfect direction! But what happend? No wind at all!! That sucks!!!

So now i think we going to some party insted!

More surf

and some new things happening!

Have a race board right now as I try to run a lot on! Sick fun! And hard, and damn good workout! Can understand that this is going to become an Olympic sport. Thought I was fit for kite surfing but I know that you were not after 30 min of the race board! Total out of other muscles not normally use when surfing.

Now I’m hoping for a good day but good waves soon! Would be nice!

And hope that all plans will go through in 3 weeks! So when winter’s plans would be ready.

Now is the time to look for more waves!